Virtual Counseling across Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin

Are you sick of being sick and tired?

I help individuals, parents and couples get unstuck, heal from emotional wounds and connect with themselves and their loved ones!

Insurances Accepted

Minnesota: Optum (United Healthcare, UMR, Medica), Aetna, UCare, BCBS (only commercial) & Medical Assistance

South Dakota:  Avera, Sanford, BCBS/ Wellmark, Cigna, Aetna, Optum (United Health Care, UMR, Medica), Medicaid

Wisconsin:  Optum (United Health Care, UMR, Medica), BCBS

What help are you looking for?

Group is FULL!

ADHD Partner Support Group

A place for partners of those with ADHD to gather, learn more about ADHD, gain support to overcome common challenges, and grow together.

Starts November 1st (12-1pm) for 8 weeks!

Individual Counseling

For individuals wanting to heal their emotional wounds, manage stress and overcome anxiety

  • Learning Calming Strategies (because what I am doing is not working)
  • Feeling In Control (because my feelings or negative thoughts are running the show)
  • Re-Discovering Myself (because I've lost myself in being a mom, wife, employee, etc)
  • Big Life Transitions (having a child, starting/ leaving a job, moving, etc)
  • Work - Life Balance (I struggle to focus and manage it all)
  • Relationship Challenges (I struggle to trust and allow others to support me)

Family Counseling

For parents wanting to learn to heal themselves + learn HOW to support their children

  • Behavioral Challenges (how do I support my children without losing my cool?)
  • Special Needs (having a safe place where I can process the complexities, vent & feel supported)
  • Teenagers (I want to stop conflict so we can enjoy the time we have left at home)
  • Preparing to Become a Parent (I need a guide because I don't want to mess it up)
  • Postpartum Anxiety + Depression (I feel like a mess and am struggling to connect with my little one)
  • Pregnancy Loss (processing and healing from loss)

Couples Counseling:

For couples wanting to learn to communicate and rebuild their connection with one another

  • Communication Challenges (Can we really communicate without fighting, shutting down, and hurt feelings?)
  • Meeting your own needs (Yes, you do have your own needs! And in order to support your partner you must meet your own first)
  • Providing Support to One Another (The #1 reason couples are seeking support is likely that one or both partners feel misunderstood, alone, and unsupported)
  • Missing Enjoyment in Your Relationship (Perhaps stress, work, life, parenting or other challenges have gotten in the way of truly connecting with one another)

My Approach
is focused on equipping you with education + support!

Two Part Process:

1. An Online Course

The Conscious Response Blueprint is a 6 week course designed to equip individuals with awareness and tools to stop reacting and start responding. 

2. Weekly Counseling Sessions

Sessions are geared towards applying the material taught in the course to your life. You will receive individualized support to create strategies and plans that work for you!

Do Note: Sessions can be billed to your insurance


"Lindsey has been so incredible to work with. I was at such a low point of anxiety in my life and needed some help making a change to get out of that mindset. She is so compassionate and non-judge mental. Working with her has been a dream and has changed the way I live my life. I would recommend her service to anyone struggling to get out of anxiety loops life sends our way."

"Lindsey listens very carefully and can cut through the crap to really hear what you are saying. She helps women identify their feelings, understand them, and learn healthy ways to deal with them. She encourages women to nourish themselves and not let their energy tanks get empty. She is very caring and compassionate."

"Lindsey is by far the greatest person to help you achieve your goals for mental wellness. She listens intently, whether it is just to vent about your day or to work through some strategies that you need to do things on your own. She is flexible in scheduling which works great for me because I am in college. I have never felt more confident in my abilities to work through my mental hangups, and Lindsey does the best coping strategies and techniques so you can hit the ground running."

"Lindsey listens well! We pick up where we left off each meeting, remembering what we were talking about and working through together. I feel heard and understood. She is constructive. Her techniques are working and I am healing, growing and learning. I look forward to each meeting and I am thankful for her time."

What are you waiting for?

Book a FREE 30 minute Connection Call NOW!

This call is designed simply to see if we are a good fit. We will chat about your current challenges, hopes for therapy and questions.

I’m looking to see if my approach will work for you.

 I strongly encourage you to assess if you feel safe and open to working with me.

 If we determine we aren’t a good fit, then I help you get connected to someone who is a good fit.  

On the other hand, if we determine we are a good fit, then we schedule your first official session! 

Why you may feel "disconnected"?

Connection requires vulnerability and tolerance of difficult feelings.

Holding space and time for feelings such as sadness, grief, anger, fear, confusion, and hurt is often something people avoid.

People also avoid allowing others to help them.

Why do you avoid your feelings or help from others?

Well, first off sitting with your feelings can be one of the scariest things you ever do.

You may perceive it to be way harder said than done. And sometimes this isn't just a perception but has been based on actual experiences in your life.  

Maybe there were times in your life when you experienced a difficult situation, but you did not get the support you needed.

You may have been told to "suck it up, stop being so emotional, you are fine, it's not a big deal, etc."

Maybe you took on these messages as truth and internalized that you are too much for others or that your emotions are bad.

Or even deeper, YOU are bad for having emotions & YOU are unworthy of support and love from others.

This may be the cause of your so called "emotional wound".

So as an adult, when you experience challenging situations, you stuff any difficult feelings down and avoid them at all costs.

& if you are a parent, you teach your children to do the same.

What happens when you do this?

You are unconsciously choosing to react, which causes you to disconnect from both yourself and others.  

You may check out.
"well the last 15 minutes were just a blur"
OR "my body was there but my mind was focused on something else"

You may turn to others things to distract and numb the feelings.
- watching TV, work, drinking, tasks, drugs, solving other's problems, etc.

You may become the version of yourself you don't want to be.
- raise your voice, say something hurtful, act in a way you swore you'd never do, etc

Is your reaction helping or hindering you and your relationships?
Is this behavior what you want to teach your children?

Will you stay "stuck" forever? 

The simple answer is "it's dependent on you".

If you are sick of being sick and tired, open to learning a new approach, willing to roll up your sleeves and do some hard work, then "NO! You can learn how to get unstuck."

If you are wanting someone to do the work for you, unwilling to admit you need help, and closed off to new ideas, then "YES! You may stay stuck."

To get unstuck you must create a new pattern in your brain

 There is a pattern in your brain that has been developed over time.

Either you are repeating behaviors modeled to you by your parents or caregivers
OR you are repeating behaviors that worked a time before.

However, as you reflected above, these behaviors may no longer be benefiting you and your relationships.
They may in fact be causing damage to your self-esteem and creating lots of conflicts.

So to get unstuck, you will need to learn new skills, be willing to practice and apply it over and over again to create a new pattern.

This is important to note. The old pattern will continue to be there (it won't magically go away), but you can learn to make a new pattern, diminish the intensity of the old one, and choose to get unstuck.

Are you ready to get unstuck?

Great, I’m here to guide, support, and teach you my proven approach that you can use time and time again!

And once you learn it for yourself, YOU can model and teach your children as well!

HOW I help clients get unstuck + start connecting

I focus on healing your emotional wound.

 Your emotional wound may have developed from a time or times when you experienced a challenging, sometimes traumatic, moment but you weren't given the emotional support you needed.
As a child, you needed to be taught and modeled how to regulate when stressed, handle difficult feelings, and overcome difficult thoughts.  

You also needed someone to support and guide you until you learned how to do it for yourself.
If you weren't given that teaching as a child, then you struggle as an adult now. 

And if you are a parent, you may observe an even greater struggle as you aren't sure how to support your children.

Here is the good news!

It's never too late to learn.

You simply need to be taught HOW.

And if you choose to work with me, that's what I do with you!

I'll guide, support, and teach you my proven approach to heal your emotional wound as well as to manage stress and overcome anxiety when you experience it.

And once you learn how to do it for yourself, you can teach your children as well!

Are you ready to heal your emotional wound?

This is my heart and passion + I believe 100% that this can be possible for you & your children!

Are you Ready to Stop Surviving Day to Day?

I'll help you define your energy levels so you can say "GoodBye" to exhaustion and "Hello" to a calm, energized and confident self