The Conscious Response Blueprint

A 6-Week Course Designed to Equip Individuals with Awareness and Tools to Stop Reacting and Start Responding

Before I tell you all about this program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

The Conscious Response Blueprint is for self-healers like you. You have no shortage of ambition but you are sick and tired of being stuck in overwhelm. Let's optimize on the fact that you are ready to learn some tools.

My goal for you is three-fold:

1. To feel calm despite being in stressful environments.
2. To feel confident in yourself to handle whatever comes your way.
3. & To feel connected both to yourself and your loved ones.

Whether you’re…

  • An individual barely getting through your day yet fully aware you are capable of so much more 
  • A parent who knows doing the hard work is your ticket to breaking the generational cycle of trauma and truly supporting your children
  •  A couple tired of being disconnected and in conflict but can't imagine life without each other
  • A professional who wants to enhance their skills (so that you empower your own clients with tools that result in fast and effective change)

You’re in the right place!

The Conscious Response Blueprint will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to healing and taking hold of your life again.

In 6 short weeks you will…

1. Understand Your Brain

Get to know the 3 parts of your brain and the different needs each part has.

2. Use Calming Strategies

Stop using a calming strategy just because you've been told it's "supposed to work". Let's develop and discover ones that actually work for you and get you out of survival mode!

3. Validate Your Emotions

It's easy to avoid your emotions but when you do that you disconnect from yourself. I'll help you learn how to tolerate and move through your feelings.

4. Overcome Your Fears

There is a powerful dynamic between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in that they all influence one another. So I'll teach you how to experience freedom from thoughts so you feel free and better able to make choices that align with you!

5. Make a Powerful Choice

You can experience choice again! Your choices can reflect either what you want to do for yourself or give you the confidence to communicate with someone else in a vulnerable way.

6. Guard Your Empowered Self

You will learn the tools that can help you stay in your executive brain. These tools will help you continue feeling calm, confident, & connected!

But above all else… 

The Conscious Response Blueprint will help you learn WHY you struggle + HOW to overcome those struggles so you can live a life full of optimism, adventure, and freedom! 

How does The Conscious Response Blueprint compare? 

You only want to do this therapy thing once…And you want to knock it out of the park the first time.

 So don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Client Testimonial

“I’m learning that I don’t need to be everyone’s caregiver. I can step away from situations and ask people if they need help. If they do, then they will ask. If they don’t, then I’m okay to continue about my day.”

- Julie
Mother of 4 adult children
(Name changed for HIPAA Compliance)

Student Success Stories

 "I've learned I value peace, which means having quiet and time alone. That can be hard as a dad with young kids, but I need it. And when I make time for it, I am better able to handle stressful situations and even communicate with my wife." 

- Justin
Husband with 2 small children
(Name changed for HIPAA Compliance)

"I have methods to deal with my symptoms and I am able to control my emotions in a more positive way than self-harm or lashing out at my loved ones."

- Jenny
College Student
(Name changed for HIPAA Compliance)

"Lindsey is a delight to work with! I now understand myself and how my brain works. I am better at handling my emotions and conflict after working with her. And the best part is I have been able to use what she has taught me to help my friends when they are having a hard time!! I can’t speak highly enough of her!"

- Ashley
Newly Married
(Name changed for HIPAA Compliance)

"I’ve learned to listen to my body. Before seeing Lindsey I had a pain in my shoulder that I couldn’t get rid of. Now when I experience it, I realize it is my body’s way of saying I am going to my survival state or I’m in it. So I use a calming strategy and the pain goes away!"

- Molly
Career Driven Woman
(Name changed for HIPAA Compliance)

Here is what you'll get when you enroll:

  • Lifetime Access to The Conscious Response Blueprint ($997 value) 
  • Course Workbook ($97 value) each lesson has a corresponding worksheet attached so you can focus on learning instead of note taking  
  • Checklists ($47 value) after each module with your action steps for the week 
  • BONUS#1: Holistic Physical Therapist Interview ($247 value) Marysa specializes in the Mind Body Connection. She will give you some tips to release emotional experiences that have been stored in your body. 
  • BONUS#2: Women's Hormone Specialist Interview ($247 value) Jen specializes in all things hormones, diet and women! She will talk on her 7 Pillars of Hormone Health and give you tips to help you learn how to do all 7! 
  • BONUS#3 Trauma Therapist Interview ($247 value) Jane specializes in Trauma and so believes that all sorts of trauma can be healed. Her gifts truly can help you let go of past hurt and pain!

6 Implementation Modules
This course is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to get out of survival mode and into your empowered self!

Module 1 is designed to help you grasp why you are here and explore your readiness to change.

Module 2 will support your understanding of the 3 Parts of your Brain and the needs each part has.

In Module 3, you will learn your need for safety and how to experience calm in your body.

Module 4 teaches you how to get comfortable sitting with your feelings and how to overcome your fears.

Within Module 5, you will grasp tools to help you stay in your executive brain.

Module 6 sums up the entire course by examining past client examples + helps you put it all into practice!

I want this transformation for myself!

A message from Lindsey (therapist + course creator)

I created an approach called the "Conscious Response Blueprint" for myself to get out of survival mode and rediscover the best version of me.  

And little did I know... but this approach did not just work for me it also has worked for numerous clients as well.  

It's been a journey of healing my own emotional wounds that continues to this day.  Daily I have to remind myself of what I can do: I can pause, take a breath, not fix everything right this moment, and focus on what I can control.  

These practices have transformed my life! I now feel calm, confident in myself and connected to my loved ones.  

I'd love to invite you to join me in your own healing and transformative work as well! 

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