Young Adult Support Group

For Those Struggling with a Parent Relationship

Every other Wednesday (6-7pm)
Virtual sessions

I'm curious if...

You question why your parents got together in the first place.

You want to live your own life, but can't because you feel stuck.

You struggle to say "no" when your parent asks you to do things.

You find communicating with your parent to be difficult.

You've felt both love and anger towards your parent.

You want your parent to give you attention or just say he/she is proud of you.

You wish your parent would get help. 

What if you had a place to vent, process, and learn some tips to help you in your relationship with your parent?

Introducing... The Young Adult Support Group

Gather with other young adults who get it.

Because they also struggle in their relationship with one of their parents.

& because they are sick of feeling alone and feeling like crap!

Group Details:

Every other Wednesday from 6 to 7pm

Meet Virtually via Zoom

Insurance accepted: Ucare, Medica, United Healthcare, Straight MA
Private Pay: $50 per session

Learn more about the Group Leader

Hi, I’m Lindsey!

I'm a therapist who works a lot with families to build healthy and supportive relationships.  

I started this group out of a desire to learn more about young adults and the kind of support you need to get through some, well rather shitty situations.

I want this group to be a safe place for young adults to talk about whatever they need to vent or process about.

To be honest, I never ran a group like this before, but found not only did I love it but the young adults in the group as well.

Honestly, we often just talk about hard aspects in their relationship with their parents, whatever was bugging them, and things they simply wanted to learn.

And we just had fun together. We keep it super casual and conversation is generally chill and helpful. (if that makes sense).

We meet virtually every other week, so you'll use the same link each time.

I don't have a planned outline for each session, as I want the time to be for whatever comes up and whatever you want to discuss. If there is a topic you want to discuss, let's chat and see what we can do to talk about it!

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If you have any immediate questions, send me an email at [email protected]